Welcome to Youth Master Advanced School (YMA)

As School Head, I welcome this opportunity to provide insights into our school and I encourage your family to become a part of our dynamic school community. We offer an outstanding educational program in first class facilities on a quiet and safe campus unlike any other in Cambodia.

Our academic program, grounded in the International Baccalaureate Programmes, offers competitively high standards and gives our graduates access to the most prestigious school in the Cambodia.

We are now fully authorized from Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training Phnom Penh Municipal Department of Labor and Vocation Training , we host a Primary Years authorization visit in January 2010, and we are a Middle Years candidate school. All of our teachers are IB trained, and the vast majority has IB experience. 

Please peruse our website and email ymaschool2011@yahoo.com for further information. You may also contact me by 023 667 5353. I would welcome the opportunity to communicate with you personally.

Many thanks.

Education in YMA School
Nowadays education in Youth Master Advanced School differs slightly from the system another School in Cambodia. The statutory national key stage tests in YMA were, until 2010, the same as another English School in Cambodia and were managed by the School Curriculum and Assessment Authority. In 2010, the YMA School responsibility for these tests, at which point they were developed by test agencies on behalf of the Education system of YMA School, YMA the tests in England were developed for the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority.
In 2011, the Youth Master Advanced School decided to cease the tests at Key Stage One. Instead, optional teacher assessment materials were provided to schools in 2012 for use in English, These had been adapted from materials that had originally been developed by the National Foundation for Educational Research and the other test agencies to be used as statutory assessment materials for 2003. At the end of 2003, the Daugherty Report was commissioned by the Assembly to undertake a review of the country's assessment procedures. The interim report by the committee was perceived by the media as supporting a complete abolishment of the assessments at key stages two and three. 
Mission In Action Trips 
The YMA Mission in Action Programmers is designed to provide students in grades 1-12 with an understanding of and an appreciation for Cambodia, its people, history, geography and the Khmer language, culture and traditions. The program provides students the opportunity to explore issues of global significance through a local context. Each grade group travels to separate locations around Cambodia and spends three days actively participating in a variety of learning experiences. Access the special edition of the
YMA Construction began on 2012 
Phase I of the YMA campus architectural master plan which expands the school facilities to accommodate over 10000 students is underway. A new Upper School Café will be complete for the opening of school in Jun, 2010. The new Basic will open and will include classrooms for grades 2-6, offices, nursing clinic, and art, music and language rooms. In total, over the next five-six years, YMA will construct new Class for the starter Class, libraries, performing arts center and an aquatics and sports hall.
The plan also includes renovating and expanding the cafeteria, upper school, playgrounds and art, music, science and  studios and labs. We invite you to view the following architectural renderings, photos and videos which we will post as the projects unfold.
Our Video